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Pastor Cornel Fedor and his wife Adela. He pastors a number of village churches and also evangelises in Gherla prison which we have visited for the last 23 years. (Richard Wurmbrand was imprisoned at Gherla)
Ami, the son of Pastor Sandu in Oradea suffers from severe cerebral palsy. The bicycle that we took for him enables him to be mobile.

We took over this keyboard for the lady who is playing it even though she is blind. She is a Christian and has a ministry playing to those waiting for medicines which we have taken for the centre.

Bistrena, from Otelu Rosu visits poor families with clothes. She receives knitted items from a lady in a Pontypridd church. Debbie is standing with Bistrena, as she worked with her when in Romania. She and her husband Tim are now back in the U.K. with their adopted Romanian twins.

This is Petre Maracine and his wife Elena from Tirgoviste. They have commenced building a church in Bucsani, a village about ten miles from their home. It will be a church plant from theirs in Tirgoviste and should be finished by July 2013 when Petre will become its pastor.

This is the construction of a church in Comisani which has received gifts from a church in Tonyrefail. This church has a large basement which we saw when we were there in November 2012.

Alan and Ann receive sweets from the children at Bethania Church, Pendoylan, for the children of Romania. They have done this for many years.

Gilgal Church, Porthcawl, excelled themselves by collecting 2,685 Easter Eggs.

These are some of the children from the Kindergarten who received them.

Children from the Kindergarten we support in Suceava are given the sweets by their teachers. Those parents unable to contribute to the costs of sending the children to the Kindergarten have free education.

Romanian friends of ours from Deva, Darius and Carmen. They have helped us to distribute aid to poor families and an orphanage ‘House of Hope’

Mihaela is still very happy in the flat that was bought for her with gifts from friends in Cardiff. She shares the flat with her Mum and Dranka her carer, together with Betty her dog. She continues to be supported by sponsors from Winchester.

The new Director of the Kindergarten at Emanuel Baptist Church, Oradea.

A family we stay with in Brasov. He is a Pastor of the Pentecostal church in which the family are also involved.

Our visit to a family in Bucharest supported by friends in Cardiff. Her husband was killed in a tragic accident in the factory and no investigation took place.

With just a little snow everything seems to come to a halt in Britain but Romania just carries on!