Dr Vali’s Old People’s Home

Dr Vali was running an orphanage for many years. We thank God that in his area there are no abandoned children. They are not allowed to bring children from another county to live in an orphanage in another county. Dr Vali felt led to open an Old People’s Home. He is now opening a restaurant on the same site as the home for old people to be completed early September. He continues to operate a farm with many of the older children, some 50 kms from Otelu Rosu.

Marcel grew up in Otelu Rosu. He became a Christian and although left the orphanage when it became an old peoples home, is now back helping in the refurbishment of the buildings.

Adi is completing his final year in Bible CollegeAdi, who was rescued from the streets by Dr Vali when he was four years old, is now completing his final year in Bible College. Thanks to all who have sponsored him. He is now seeking the Lord’s leading for the future.