Families needing help

We work through Christian Social workers and they send us details of families needing support. Details of families can be found below. We take money for the families in April and October/November. Please contact us if you wish to support any of these families.

Chririca family

Chirica family is a single parent family who lives in Oradea in a rented apartment which has one room and a shared kitchen and bathroom. This apartment is a part of a big building which has many rented rooms and a lot of people lives in them.

The mother came from a very poor family with 16 children. Her life was very dificult in her own family and after she left it too. She was involved in relatioships with concubins and she left them because they drank alchool, were agresive and they didn’t find a proper job for them. Each child came from different relatioship. Cristina (Anika) is 10 years old, Robert (Robiko) is 8 years old and Nicolae (Miki) is 6 years old.

Two of the children – Anika and Robiko- have lived in the school’s dormitory in a small town 40 km far away from Oradea for some years. They came at home just in the school holidays.

The mother tried to find a way to have all her children together in order to take care to all of them. Finnaly in the end of June 2016 the mother have decided to take out Anika and Robiko from the old school in order to live with her as a family. Starting with September all the children have followed a school in Oradea and their mother will take care of them.

The mother’s monthly income is very poor. She works as a cleaner in the flats’ blocks and she receives 175 pounds/monthly. The family income is 240 pounds/month/family which is formed by the lady’s salary and children state allowances.

CASA helps the family with a food parcel, hygiene products, new freeze, etc.

The children enjoyed to be part of the last two summer camps.

Oanto family

Oanto family is composed by mother- Florentina (36 years old) and her children: Andrei – son (7 years old) and Anastasia – daughter (5 years old).

In present the family lives in a social apartment with one room. The lady graduated Economics College but she couldn’t find a proper job and she worked in many places trying to have a proper one.

About four years ago have started relationship’s problems in their family. In 2014 her husband left home and he decided to divorce. The lady didn’t want to divorce and she hope her husband will come back.

Florentina’s family didn’t help her and husband’s family didn’t let them to live in the apartment where they lived before the husband’s departure. And they were put in the street.

The family income is 173 pounds/family/month – 57 pounds/ person/ month. The lady could pay for her children in order to attend the kindergarten and some of her friends pay for them. She couldn’t afford to pay the bills- heating, electric current, water and she already has debts.

Having these needs CASA decided to help this family for two years. It depends on their social condition. CASA has started to help this family in 2015 January with a food product, hygiene products, cloths and other things we have.