Church Letter Sept 2018


Dear Friends,

Please find enclosed in this latest mailing our Pictorial New sheet and our Needs list for our next trip to Romania in November. We want to thank you for the support you have given to us since we started the journeys to Romania in January 1990, just three weeks after Ceausescu was overthrown. We have been blessed over the years and have seen wonderful things happen in Romania. Our trip in April went well and we visited many places all around the country of Romania. The pictorial leaflet will tell you more.

This will be our 167th visit in November, but sadly we have to say it will be our last. All our helpers are ‘getting older’ and we no longer have the help we need. Of course, Romania is a much better place now than when we went on that first journey. There are now many supermarkets but the problem is salaries. A monthly salary is about £300 and pension about £50 per month!! Only about 10% of people needing palliative care are taken into hospital. The other 90% are usually sent home without medication. That is why the building of the Hospice is so important. We will continue to raise finance for the projects and families we support and will send the money to Romania through a safe passage. Thank you for your support over many years now, many of you since we started and pray that you have also been blessed by the different stories we have shared with you. Ann’s book sold very well and the first print sold out. We had another 2000 printed and we only have about 500 left. Praise the Lord!

Again we want to thank you for your loving support over many years and we look forward to seeing you at our receiving-in days in October.

God bless,

Alan & Ann