Church Letter January 2018

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Dear Friends,

Once again we are writing another letter as we commence our 29th year of travelling to Romania with much-needed goods. What a difference on that first visit in January 1990, to our last visit in December 2017. In 1990 the shops were few and very little in them. Now in December 2017 there were many supermarkets, just like ours in the U.K. with prices very similar to ours. Of course the wages are still very low and pensions also and the children are having to help their parents with financial aid (if the children can afford to). That is why we meet many Romanians in our country as they are helping their parents back home.
However, despite the economy many people in Romania still attend church as the important thing to them is their faith in their Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ. There are still many youth in the churches which of course thrills us. We pray that many of them will become leaders in their country.

1. CASA GRACE: We continue supporting the social workers where there is still much poverty, even in the Oradea area. Families are supported by sponsors in this country. Can you help support a family?
2. EMANUEL HOSPICE: The basement has been completed. We are continuing to raise money for the construction of this building. The Hospice team are still working hard in the community giving palliative care to patients in their homes. Can you help with a gift for the new building?
3. CIPRIAN BOGDAN: He is a pastor to the Gypsy community in Aiud and have built a new church as the old one was too small. It will include a centre for children’s activities before and after school.
4. IOCHEBED GROUP: They continue their work in Suceava to prevent abortions. We help to provide Baby Milk and Clothes for the mothers and babies so saving the babies lives. They also work with teenage girls teaching them ‘How to stay sexually pure from a Christian viewpoint’.

We also visit and support other people and projects in many places in Romania. Dr Vali continues with his home for Elderly and it was so good to meet many of these people being cared for in advancing years. They are building a stable where they can house cows and have their own milk.

If you wish to support any of these needs please make cheques payable to ‘SUPPORT FOR ROMANIA’ letting us know where you would like your gift to be given.

Our 165th trip will leave on Tuesday 20th March and we will be taking 2 vehicles with 4 drivers. Please bring items to our depot in Llanishen on Mondays 26th February and 5th March (9am-1pm) and 12th March (9am-5pm). Please note times of opening. Remember the drivers in your prayers for this next trip
COFFEE, TEA & CAKES will be available when you visit our depot.


With Christian love,

Alan & Ann Penrose (on behalf of the Trustees)