About Us

The charity SUPPORT FOR ROMANIA was started in 1990 by Alan & Ann Penrose. Alan had been involved with the Romanian Missionary Society during the communist years and when President Ceausescu was overthrown in December 1989, Alan and a friend made their first journey by truck three weeks after the revolution in January 1990.

Seeing the problems in Romania at that time Alan, with his wife Ann set up Support for Romania and up to June 2011 the charity had made 134 visits with approximately 300 trucks.

However due to the increased costs of taking these trucks to Romania it was decided that June 2011 would be the last trip by truck. With Fuel, Ferry, Insurance and Road Toll costs increasing it was felt that the money used to transport the goods could be better spent in the country of Romania.

We will therefore continue to raise finance for the projects we have been supporting over many years. We will also be collecting some clothes, bedding and incontinence pads as we will pass some of these to a work in Moldova. However, we will be continuing to take Easter Eggs for Easter time and Sweets at Christmas and will take monetary gifts for the projects we are supporting on those trips.

Alan & Ann Penrose